Sunday, January 17, 2010


so this is my life in a nutshell- i hate my husband he;s a huge asshole my kids drive my beyong crazy but this is it and i guess that i have to deal with it so here's how it all started
i was in the crapiest relationship ever before i met my husband and when i did meet him i thought i met my "knight in shining armor" whoa was i wrong but i digress i got married and thought that everything was going to be great 4ever wow was i wrong people say that kids are the best things ever right anyway i wake up every morning an wonder how i got here everyday i wake up and wish that i would wake up a 100lbs less, beautiful (more) and ling next to Robert Pattinson- wow what a wack job i am i'm in totally obsessed with a 23yr old actor and the character that he plays in a movie- how much he loves bella and the way he talks to her i mean is there a guy out there that really is like that probably not but i wish the man in my life would at least be nice and not tell me everyday that i am a shitty mother, that the house is a mess, clean it and drinks and smokes until he finally goes to bed. Is that really too much to ask- i know that i'm not the best person in the world, i hate old people, and mostly everyone else but i don;t think that i deserved to have such a shit life, but i really must have pissed someone off really bad!! so this is my first post and it feel sgood to get this crap off my chest and not to be facebook page because i'm starting to scare people and i don't want to borden peeople in my life with my ramblings of how much in sucks but it does and i deal with it si till next time...

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