Thursday, January 28, 2010

frigin snow

what's with the snow- i know i live in Buffalo get used to it already but 2day was really freaky- first i wake up to a couple of inches on my car- then i get to work and it's sunny 2 hours later you can't c across the street an hour after that it's sunny again then 2 hours after that it's like a frigin blizzard again WEIRD! i think the apocalypse in coming oh well what ev's

i just can't wait 4 spring to get here!! i leave 4 my cruise on the 23rd of april and i can't wait!!! the could sail me around Miami and back and i wouldn't care as long as i was away from this house- speaking (or not speaking) of which it has been 11 glorious days not speaking to my AHOLE husband- i've never has this many days in a row of happiness!!!!!!!.

well that's all 4 2day- hey the sabres won last night- it took a shoot out but a wins a win i don't care how they get it!! GO SABRES!!!!!!!.........


  1. You are making me sad...did you ever think of going to couples counseling?? What about seeing a therapist yourself? I think it may help you out a bit. I'm sad some of my blogs...the early ones are funny....the later ones not so much!

  2. Cindy's sad because of your comments about the snow?? Maybe she read the other entries...
    You're leaving on 4/23? And you're not bringing Cindy with you? That's rude. =)

    Oh, and a therapist would be very helpful...

  3. I did read all the other entries and made a general statement about them all. And ya, she could have asked me to go with her on my birthday!! :)

  4. of course you can come Cindy- but i thought u were poor