Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's finally gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!

What's a seven letter word for pure happiness? D I V O R C E
It's finally in the works! Dummy pried his ring off with plyers and through it at me so i through it back and then into the garbage!! Yeah i'm finally free!! No more hearing what a terrible mother I am or how the house is a mess!! FUCK YOU DOUCHE BAG!! good luck finding a dummy that will put up with you!! YOU DRUNK PIECE OF SHIT!!! How about stop drinking and get your life together before you judge someone else DICK! I'm just sooooo happy to get out of this shame of a marriage!!! I haven't been in live with him since thlike him the "incident" and everyday more i send with him i hate him more and more!! The lawyers are called and i'm thrilled. I can't wait to find someone who actually loves me more then BEER. Not interested in finding anyone too fast I'll enjoy the time alone on my weekends OFF- WEEKENDS OFF my new two favorite words!! Don't worry Tracey and Cindy, I'm fine this has been coming for a long time I'm way over him!!! REALLY!!
peace out!