Friday, January 22, 2010


so i just got home from work because i have to work tommorow so i decided to write now instead of when the asstouch hole gets home cause this is what he tells me the other day "don't touch my computer" #1 his brother bought this laptop for the both of us #2 FUCK OFF YOU DOUCHE BAG #3 i'll call my brother in law and tell him that his brother is being an asshole and it will all be resolved #4 WHATEVER!

o this is my life people- i live with a "man" that i wish would fall of a cliff and my kids drive me crazy about 3/4 the time that we r together- but then Nick will call me his "sweet" and tell me that he loves me and he's so cute and good then 2 seconds later he screaming because he has 2 stop playing the GD Wii andthe other one is just a demon seed 99% of the time and the the other 1% he's asleep- but i digress i love my kids A LOT but i don't love my husband, i don't even like him he's just a asshole-his RA is so bad it just makes him this nasty mean degrating asshole that thinks his life is the worst out there HELLO, HAITI speaking of which Rob is going to be on the Hope 4 Haiti telethon thingy 2nite that George Clooney is hosting YEAH... anyway that's it 4 today i suppose the toaster oven just "dinged" and the chicken nuggets are done so it's lunch time for the boys...


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