Monday, January 18, 2010

just another other day in paradise

so today was just another day of the same old shit- work home no talking (just to my sons and my brother in law) not that i care- i love just surfing the web, writing my "new" blog and looking at pics of HOT guys i wish i was with!
i hate this life i lead but i live with it cause what else am i gonna do- i have no where 2 go and no one 2 take care of us- yeah my family and friends would help- but they can't keep us with them 4ever at some point i need to take care of them on my own and it scares the hell out of me- i'm 35 with 2 kids, 100lbs overweight it's not like myy door is gonna be knocking down with hot young men for me to have my way with- but i digress.
i never want to get married again i have no desire, unless he's rich and i never have 2 worry about money again- no work, no money problems, a personal trainer, no worries- it would help if he was good looking but if he has money what to i care- like they say 1st times for love 2nd times for money!!!!!!!!!!!!
so this sounds like i'm about to slash my wrists but i'm really not i just want to b left alone like not just by my "husband" but my kids 2- i want to take a bath and not have people banging on the door or coming in and out- or even just 2 pee without someone coming in and bothering me but amyways that all 4 2day enough with this crap- GO SABRES!

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