Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a flat tire really?!

so today was ok work was good but then as i was driving home i got a flat tire on grand island of all places it's so dark and u can go 65-70 mph. i called 911 and they sent out a state trooper and then a tow truck but really, REALLY can i catch a break or what. i guess not and now the sabres are losing 4-0 and they pulled lailme and put in miller i hope they can a least score a frigin goal. i'm talking 2 my bff dan from vegas right now and he always makes laugh my ass off and it makes me feel better- i wish i could jump on a plane and go there cause i miss him and jenny so bad! yeah the sabres just scored 2 goals in a couple of minutes!!!
so i guess today was good only a little yelling with the ahole husband and i got to get lots of kisses from my boy nicky- that's all i needed today was kisses from my boy!

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