Wednesday, January 20, 2010

where's the romance

so maybe that's whats making me so unhappy the romance is totally gone- he does nothing "special" 4 me anymore do u know what i got for xmas- NOTHING he'll olny get me something if hes knows i want it- he used to buy me stuff all the time and without asking me what i wanted b4 hand- i had to force him 2 see twilight and new moon with me and russ just shows up at the theatre waiting 4 tracey to get there- really i wish i would have seen him 1st (russ i mean haha) i mean it's just like we're and here that's it nothing else- i just wish that he did stuff 4 me or even was a little romantic not just when he's wants "some" and trust me there's not a lot of romance going on to get me in the mood (i watch new moon and i'm all set) idk i just want 2 be loved again not just someone 2 make dinner, take care of the kids, do the laundry and whatever else he's thinks i am supposed to do around here

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