Saturday, January 30, 2010

it's not pitch black a 5 o'clock anymore

i was at work yesterday and when we left it actually wasn't pitch black- that makes me happy! spring is a comin'!!
my bestest friends believe that we need counseling which is totally true- IF both parties were willing- he would probably go tell them it's all me and never change- he needs to stop drinking so much and smoking all together but he won't i've asked him a thousand times and he will not stop either one so it's useless. I don't want to hate him as much as i do but he makes its soooo easy. i don't get the obession with the drinking yes i know i had a "bit" of a drinking problem when i was younger but the key word in that statement was "younger" i'm 35 yrs old and have 2 kids i don't drink a case of beer in 2 days like their father or smoke a pack of cigs a day with a no so great family history like him. i don't want to break up this family the boys need him around he's a great father to them but i need a husband not just a father 4 my kids. i guess thats all for today i've got my work "holiday" party 2nite yeah!.....0

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  1. You never actually had a drinking problem! You just enjoyed a beverage or two from time to time! It was just kid stuff... He DOES have a problem - and with his chronic pain, it's understandable, BUT you do deserve to have a husband. You're an awesome mom who is doing it all basically on her own and it's not fair.

    On a different note, I would appreciate it you would make your font a touch larger...I must be getting old.