Saturday, January 23, 2010

going crazy? oh no sister i'm already there!

i think that i ahould go find a job where i can work 24 hours a day- i can't stand being at home- my kids drive me crazy- well actually just the little one- all he does in whine and cry about everything that he wants- he wants to watch mickey mouse christmas then mickey mouse sports then dora and he's NEVER satified and then there's the asshole- but then there's always the asshole- just try to even just look in his direction without wanting to vomit but i can't his voice makes me sick is presents makes me want to stick a knife in my neck i just hate him soooo much- no i actually loathe him and i don't loathe that many people (yeah i know who am i kidding i pretty much loathe everyone) anywho i'm sitting around passing time waiting for the sabres game to start at 10:30 i can't wait till this west coast road trip is over i'm missing some good hockey i'm sure he 6 out of 10 points so far ain't too bad- well back to slingo classic on facebook- there's only so many different ways i can express my hatred for the man i vowed to "love and cherish" till death do us part- that last part couln't come fast enough!!..........

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