Sunday, January 24, 2010

hope in a jar

so i just got out of the shower and i was drying my face and then i reached for my "hope in a jar" cream, applied it to my face and then had a thought that maybe there could be "hope in a jar". But i'm no that confident that that is even possible since when i come out of the bathroom, i'm still in my crap house with my crap husband and not exiting a bathroom in LA on way BACK to Rob's bed.
But i digress- i can always have hope that at some point in my life i will be hopeful again- i look at my kids and think that this crap life that i have right now can change- which brings me back to the jar- if i can have hope that there are brighter days to come then anyone can i suppose so maybe i can market some kind of real hope in a jar. makes billions, and finally walk out of a bathroom in LA right back into Rob's bed!!!!!!

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