Monday, January 25, 2010

mean people SUCK

ok i am a receptionist in a dental office and today the old saying "don't shut the messanger" REALLY took affect- listen asshole it's not my fault your 8 yr old dentures broke and that the doctor hasn't seen you since '03 but i'm not taking you nasty ass denture over the counter to have fixed- you will wait your turn, see the doctor 4 an exam and wait patiently for the lab tech to fix them or you can shove you nasty ass dentures straight up your ass. It's monday asshole take a fucking chill pill or die your old bastard- oh btw i'm about the meanist person to roam the planet on 2 legs- i hate people- that's my general rule- treat people how you expect to be treated that's how i feel but apparently people in the NF region of NY don't feel that way- (i thinks it's because of LOVE CANAL) they aren't as smart as the rest of WNY- but anywho i digress- be nice to me and i'll be nice to you- at least to your face! GO SABRES!......

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