Sunday, February 28, 2010

Step son

so as my followers know i stupid ass step son got arrested for, of all things he could have, break dancing on a girls floor during a party and messing up the hardwood. REALLY i would have really appreciated something a little more criminal then that. Though i did get to see him in handcuffs which made me all warm and fuzzy inside, only the first of many times i hope!! you see i don't really like him, he's a 19yr old in 2 weeks and is a complete waste of space. he did not graduate from high school, LOSER and then he stole 8k from me and now he's got my last name spread all over the tv and apparently the internet! my nephew told me he's on some website that makes fun of the "stupidest" crimes that people get arrested for, awesome! of course my asshole husband isn't talking to me because i'm so like "of course he ends up in jail, it was only a matter of time", and i'm happy about it the kids a fucking waste of air that someone else could be breathing- yes i know that's his kid and what would u do or say to some one if they said that about my boys- i know i know but this is fun because as usual i'm ALWAYS RIGHT and this was a prediction that i made after the "rehab incident", but i digress i happy he got in trouble, it's ONLY the beginning, mark my words, and my husband can go straight to hell in a hand basket for all i care!- PEACE OUT GO USA!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

old friends

so i went to brennan's to see some old friends that i used to work with at tops almost 20 yrs ago- wow how crazy was that - at first i couldn't find them and i had to call cindy (thanks again) to log onto my facebook page to get adam's # because i forgot to write it down- so after all that i found them in a side room- the first person i saw was roy alge- he didn't recognize me iwaved at him and he waved back but only to be nice then i found adam and he came running over yelling "buffamonti" he called over roy and he could nit believe it was me- i used to have HUGE glasses and short hair so no one really recognized me at first- then i saw the hartke girls and that's pretty much where i stayed the 2 hours i was there- how else did i see- jim ericson, mark hagar, all the hartke siblings, tony and jen pelosi, and some other people who faces i remembered but not their names, of well it was fun i got to remenise and old times and how much fun we had working together and how fast time as gone by- that's really i big part of it for me holy crap it's been like 17-18yrs since i have seen most of these people and it seems like 5 yrs ago not almost 20- WFT can't believe how fast time has flown by- i'm old i just need to except that fact- i'm not sure that i want to be 16yrs old again but damn i had some good times with those people and i will never forget it but life goes on and at 11:00 last night it was back to real life!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

old times

so tonight i'm getting together with some people that i used to work with at Tops and most of them i haven't seen since then which has been about 17-18 yrs!!!! i don't look the same that i did back then and i'm alittle worried! i mean of course i don't look the same as i did when i was 17yrs old but i'm really alot fatter then i ever thought i would be and i'm worried that people are not going to recognize me because i'm a big fatty pants. i mean i know that i look like me but i just wish that i wasn't so chubby right now! anywho i'm really excited to see these people it's been so long and if it weren't for facebook i probably would have never seen some of these people ever again!! i am really looking forward to this but i'm still a little hesitant but i am definitely going, i'm just going to put on my best jeans and some black top to take away from my apparently, thanks to the pic on my passport that i just got in the mail last week, HUGE head holy crap the whole frigin page is my enormous head and i look a little "terroristy". i'll let you know how the get together goes tonight. peace out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

weigh in

so i weighed myself and so far have lost 3lbs!!! whoa who!!! hey i'll take it- i'm really trying to eat well- a patient bought us donuts this morning and i wanted to eat one soooo bad even had it in my hands but Diane, my co worker said DON'T DO IT and i didn'y i put in right back in the box- i can't believe the will power that i have- i'm just so sick of bing fat and having clothes not fit me- i want to walk into a store and buy a cute dress or top and not have to look for a 2X or worry how my bid huge ass looks in it- so i'll take my 3lbs and hope that it turns into 25 by the time my boat sets sail in april!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

diet time

I started a diet on monday with my sister, larry and ryann because we are all going on a cruise and well we are all fat!! I started really really fat and i'm hoping that i will end up not so fat!! i've already lost 3 lbs since monday so i must be doing something right!!! i bought the "walk away the pounds 1&2 mile" dvd on ebay for 3.99 so i will now have 2 start exercising so i can lose weight fdaster then f i was not 2 exercise at all- i frigin hate it but i have to do it i'm fat and i'm sick of losing my breathe going up the GD stairs in my house it's pathetic i have to make some major weight changes in my life and the lap band takes too long to get- you have to go thru all sorts of tests and write letters on why you are fat and why you want the surgery and i don't have time for that right now i need to wear a bathing suit in 2 months and until i get on that boat and see 1 women in a bathing suit fatter then me then i have to do something- i'll keep my blog posted on my weight lose because putting on facebook will only open up and shit load of stuff from all my "friends" and i would rather leave it between me and my followers!...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

i don't know just some rambling

so these Olympics are pretty good we've won some medals and by "we" i mean the usa of course cause i have so much to do with it right! anyways lost has started and i'm just as confused as i was when the first episode aired like 6 years ago i think i may have some thing figured out though- ok here it goes- the "if the plane never crashed" stuff is some one's dream because in the 1st episode this season desmond was on the plane talking to jack- desmond was not on the plane he was already on the island and then in the 2nd episode ethan was one of the doctors when claire was in labor- was also was already on the island so this whole the plane never crashed side story is not right- the story that shows everyone on the island is the actual story that's happening now- that's just what i think...
anyways my kid is addicted to the wii my other son is possessed by Satan and my husband and is a pain in my ass (but getting better) so i guess it's just anther day of my wonderful life right?!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

holy crap

holy crap did see the video of the lugue guy that got killed yesterday they showed it on the nbc nightly news it was crazy they didn't even warn you it was coming they just showed him going thru the course and rounding the corner and then BAM he hits the frigin pole it was crazy!!! i'm no saint or anything but they make a complete world wide issue of janet's "boob" or saying "ass" on tv but showing a guy shattering his back and head on tv at 630 in the evening in "ok" this world really is screwed up!!! how about his family and friends and i don't know kids watching. Oh but GOD FORBID my kid sees a boob we better make a federal case out of it- fine everybody and their mother- make janet and jt apologize- and stick us with "shit" half time acts for the last 4-5 yrs- REALLY THE WHO REALLY! hi 1970 called they want their bands back!!
hello world can we get a hold of our selves and chill out a little- i mean who gives a shit about a boob or violence on tv when they are showing real life death on the nightly news i mean come on you idiot people out there and all this politically correct shit i'm sick of it!!!!
wow that's quite a diiferent blog then my last one were i professed my love for a 23 yr old actor- this one was pretty "deep" anywho i love robert pattinson!!!...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

addiction continued

so i realized that my entire post did not post and i never finished with my rant on robert
so from about a year ago till now i'm obessed with him- i'm 12 yrs older then him- i have a problem it's really bad!!

i really want to go see Dear John! the book was awesome as every nicholas sparks book is but not this weekend every dummy gonna be out cause it's valentines dat so i'll wait till next week and go see it with Cindy....

nothing much else is going on- life is pretty boring- you know sleep, work, sleep, work, etc etc etc...

hope all my "followers" are doing well all 2 of you!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i really hve a problem with the fact that i love robert pattinson ALOT- i know that i have an addictive personality which leads back to michael jackson and new kids but i really love this frigin guy let's take a look at my problems with "loving" celebrities:

8yrs old- michael jackson- rick springfield

14yrs old- new kids on the block

17yrs old- tom eplin- traveled to pa to see him- end result parents thinking we were dead but... had the best time with him he was awesome!

28yrs old to current- tyler christopher- have traveled many miles to meet him- have lied to certain people of my whereabouts to go to see him still would travel many miles to see him again and again- do you know that when i was going to go to LA for the studio tour i actually made up and printed an "email" that i won the trip so jeff wouldn't know that i had to pay $500 just to go plus hotel and airfare- neve ended up going cause i had a damn kid (i'm kidding aboout the damnoart)

Saturday, February 6, 2010


my frigin baby boy is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! if christopher was my first i would have tied my own tubes to make sure that i didn't have anymore kids. he's so bad i don't remember nick ever being close to as bad as christopher! he's a maniac all he does is whine and cry and hit and scream, like a maniac! nicky scared of him and so am i that's why i nicknamed him DEMON SEED cause i really think that there is a little satin running thru that kid!!! nick drives me crazy but nothing like this kid holy crap- i'm looking into a legal way to sell him on the internet!
anywho robert pattinson is hot i love him his new movie comes out next mnth and i can't wait- june in only 4 months away for eclispe to come out and i had a dream last night that was a whole movie i think i'm gonna start writing it as soon as i remember all of it so don't hold any breathe's. so i suppose that's it for today- if anyone GODmothers out there want to take their GODson for a couple of years or do please let me know!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

things have changed

so it's been a couple of days since my last blog and things have changed. i had a holiday party 4 work this past weekend and igot really really drunk, i needed it after the past couple of weeks i've had, anywho jeff went with me and we actually talked and on the way home he decided to inform me that when he went to the doctors that week they had noticed that his lung fuction was VERY poor and that he needed to stop smoking asap. he also has informed me that he thinks that there are other things the matter with him besides his crap lungs and that he was probably going to die sooner then later. GREAT so i started to cry and told him about the cruise in april. we are kinda back to normal but not really- i hope that he doesn't die anytime soon but that there will be other changes besides his smoking, ie his drinking and the nasty way that he talks to me. he has really tried, with my help course, to ask me things instead of telling me things, like when he thinks the kids need a bath, instead of saying "go give the kids a bath", he says "would you please give the kids a bath" i let him know the diiference a please and thank you can make in a statement or question. anyway we are working on things and i guess we'll see what comes of the blood tests that he's having on monday and the chantix he starts to aid in the quitting of smoking- i hope everything works out cause i guess i really do lve the jackass afer everything- as long as we try to continue to talk with some respect i think that it's a good start for us....