Wednesday, February 10, 2010

addiction continued

so i realized that my entire post did not post and i never finished with my rant on robert
so from about a year ago till now i'm obessed with him- i'm 12 yrs older then him- i have a problem it's really bad!!

i really want to go see Dear John! the book was awesome as every nicholas sparks book is but not this weekend every dummy gonna be out cause it's valentines dat so i'll wait till next week and go see it with Cindy....

nothing much else is going on- life is pretty boring- you know sleep, work, sleep, work, etc etc etc...

hope all my "followers" are doing well all 2 of you!!



  1. Did you "proof read" your post?? I may add you in as one of those "dummys"!! Did you ever hear of periods, commas, uppercase letters? Question marks? You crack me up...babye!

  2. I'm snowed in, haven't worked in almost a week and am loving every minute of it...I could so not work. I'm not even a little bored. And I'm doing NOTHING.


  3. no cindy i don't proof read or use correct grammer this is my blog and i will use all the incorrect grammer i choose- what are you gonna call the "blog committee"