Sunday, February 21, 2010

old friends

so i went to brennan's to see some old friends that i used to work with at tops almost 20 yrs ago- wow how crazy was that - at first i couldn't find them and i had to call cindy (thanks again) to log onto my facebook page to get adam's # because i forgot to write it down- so after all that i found them in a side room- the first person i saw was roy alge- he didn't recognize me iwaved at him and he waved back but only to be nice then i found adam and he came running over yelling "buffamonti" he called over roy and he could nit believe it was me- i used to have HUGE glasses and short hair so no one really recognized me at first- then i saw the hartke girls and that's pretty much where i stayed the 2 hours i was there- how else did i see- jim ericson, mark hagar, all the hartke siblings, tony and jen pelosi, and some other people who faces i remembered but not their names, of well it was fun i got to remenise and old times and how much fun we had working together and how fast time as gone by- that's really i big part of it for me holy crap it's been like 17-18yrs since i have seen most of these people and it seems like 5 yrs ago not almost 20- WFT can't believe how fast time has flown by- i'm old i just need to except that fact- i'm not sure that i want to be 16yrs old again but damn i had some good times with those people and i will never forget it but life goes on and at 11:00 last night it was back to real life!

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