Sunday, February 14, 2010

i don't know just some rambling

so these Olympics are pretty good we've won some medals and by "we" i mean the usa of course cause i have so much to do with it right! anyways lost has started and i'm just as confused as i was when the first episode aired like 6 years ago i think i may have some thing figured out though- ok here it goes- the "if the plane never crashed" stuff is some one's dream because in the 1st episode this season desmond was on the plane talking to jack- desmond was not on the plane he was already on the island and then in the 2nd episode ethan was one of the doctors when claire was in labor- was also was already on the island so this whole the plane never crashed side story is not right- the story that shows everyone on the island is the actual story that's happening now- that's just what i think...
anyways my kid is addicted to the wii my other son is possessed by Satan and my husband and is a pain in my ass (but getting better) so i guess it's just anther day of my wonderful life right?!

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