Saturday, February 20, 2010

old times

so tonight i'm getting together with some people that i used to work with at Tops and most of them i haven't seen since then which has been about 17-18 yrs!!!! i don't look the same that i did back then and i'm alittle worried! i mean of course i don't look the same as i did when i was 17yrs old but i'm really alot fatter then i ever thought i would be and i'm worried that people are not going to recognize me because i'm a big fatty pants. i mean i know that i look like me but i just wish that i wasn't so chubby right now! anywho i'm really excited to see these people it's been so long and if it weren't for facebook i probably would have never seen some of these people ever again!! i am really looking forward to this but i'm still a little hesitant but i am definitely going, i'm just going to put on my best jeans and some black top to take away from my apparently, thanks to the pic on my passport that i just got in the mail last week, HUGE head holy crap the whole frigin page is my enormous head and i look a little "terroristy". i'll let you know how the get together goes tonight. peace out!


  1. Hope you had fun!! Stop putting yourself down - you gained weight cause you have two gorgeous boys!!! At least you weren't born a size 20!! Hehehe!! Love ya!