Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i really hve a problem with the fact that i love robert pattinson ALOT- i know that i have an addictive personality which leads back to michael jackson and new kids but i really love this frigin guy let's take a look at my problems with "loving" celebrities:

8yrs old- michael jackson- rick springfield

14yrs old- new kids on the block

17yrs old- tom eplin- traveled to pa to see him- end result parents thinking we were dead but... had the best time with him he was awesome!

28yrs old to current- tyler christopher- have traveled many miles to meet him- have lied to certain people of my whereabouts to go to see him still would travel many miles to see him again and again- do you know that when i was going to go to LA for the studio tour i actually made up and printed an "email" that i won the trip so jeff wouldn't know that i had to pay $500 just to go plus hotel and airfare- neve ended up going cause i had a damn kid (i'm kidding aboout the damnoart)


  1. Is there a Robert pattinson fan club??

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  3. probably but i'm not that crazy- oh were you being serious? i need therapy more then i need a frigin fan club don't ya think?