Saturday, February 13, 2010

holy crap

holy crap did see the video of the lugue guy that got killed yesterday they showed it on the nbc nightly news it was crazy they didn't even warn you it was coming they just showed him going thru the course and rounding the corner and then BAM he hits the frigin pole it was crazy!!! i'm no saint or anything but they make a complete world wide issue of janet's "boob" or saying "ass" on tv but showing a guy shattering his back and head on tv at 630 in the evening in "ok" this world really is screwed up!!! how about his family and friends and i don't know kids watching. Oh but GOD FORBID my kid sees a boob we better make a federal case out of it- fine everybody and their mother- make janet and jt apologize- and stick us with "shit" half time acts for the last 4-5 yrs- REALLY THE WHO REALLY! hi 1970 called they want their bands back!!
hello world can we get a hold of our selves and chill out a little- i mean who gives a shit about a boob or violence on tv when they are showing real life death on the nightly news i mean come on you idiot people out there and all this politically correct shit i'm sick of it!!!!
wow that's quite a diiferent blog then my last one were i professed my love for a 23 yr old actor- this one was pretty "deep" anywho i love robert pattinson!!!...


  1. Yes it was deep and meaningful!! Whoa.
    I think they are showing it so much (a few times on the Today show this morning) because the guy isn't American...which is just plain disrespectful...
    I like these deep thoughts, keep 'em coming!

  2. I totally agree with you!! It's just plain low - they showed him all bloody and in a body bag - good lord - is this NBC or TMZ? Really bad taste - maybe they can blame it on the lack of oxygen level up there on the mountains! I had the TV muted so I didn't even know it was coming and you know how I am about fake deaths in movies - I called Geri all upset. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family and teamates. Amen.