Wednesday, February 17, 2010

diet time

I started a diet on monday with my sister, larry and ryann because we are all going on a cruise and well we are all fat!! I started really really fat and i'm hoping that i will end up not so fat!! i've already lost 3 lbs since monday so i must be doing something right!!! i bought the "walk away the pounds 1&2 mile" dvd on ebay for 3.99 so i will now have 2 start exercising so i can lose weight fdaster then f i was not 2 exercise at all- i frigin hate it but i have to do it i'm fat and i'm sick of losing my breathe going up the GD stairs in my house it's pathetic i have to make some major weight changes in my life and the lap band takes too long to get- you have to go thru all sorts of tests and write letters on why you are fat and why you want the surgery and i don't have time for that right now i need to wear a bathing suit in 2 months and until i get on that boat and see 1 women in a bathing suit fatter then me then i have to do something- i'll keep my blog posted on my weight lose because putting on facebook will only open up and shit load of stuff from all my "friends" and i would rather leave it between me and my followers!...


  1. You go get 'em hot stuff! I have 4 dvd's by Leslie Sanson - you can pick them up whenever you want them. I had bought them like 3 years ago - and I just found them. They're yours if you'd like. I don't know the name of them. You can do's not easy...the Special K 100 calorie crisp bars are delicious!! ((I think I have a Deal-a-Meal in my closet too))

  2. thanks i just got the 1 &2 mile dvd from ebay for 3.99 the multi grain special k crackers are good too