Saturday, February 6, 2010


my frigin baby boy is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! if christopher was my first i would have tied my own tubes to make sure that i didn't have anymore kids. he's so bad i don't remember nick ever being close to as bad as christopher! he's a maniac all he does is whine and cry and hit and scream, like a maniac! nicky scared of him and so am i that's why i nicknamed him DEMON SEED cause i really think that there is a little satin running thru that kid!!! nick drives me crazy but nothing like this kid holy crap- i'm looking into a legal way to sell him on the internet!
anywho robert pattinson is hot i love him his new movie comes out next mnth and i can't wait- june in only 4 months away for eclispe to come out and i had a dream last night that was a whole movie i think i'm gonna start writing it as soon as i remember all of it so don't hold any breathe's. so i suppose that's it for today- if anyone GODmothers out there want to take their GODson for a couple of years or do please let me know!!!


  1. I'll take him!!!!!!!!! Would you like us to come and pick him up? I'm kinda snowed in right now though... =)

  2.! I have no desire to take someone else's child. But thanks for the offer. Glad to see that Nick is doing well! I love you Chris.