Sunday, February 28, 2010

Step son

so as my followers know i stupid ass step son got arrested for, of all things he could have, break dancing on a girls floor during a party and messing up the hardwood. REALLY i would have really appreciated something a little more criminal then that. Though i did get to see him in handcuffs which made me all warm and fuzzy inside, only the first of many times i hope!! you see i don't really like him, he's a 19yr old in 2 weeks and is a complete waste of space. he did not graduate from high school, LOSER and then he stole 8k from me and now he's got my last name spread all over the tv and apparently the internet! my nephew told me he's on some website that makes fun of the "stupidest" crimes that people get arrested for, awesome! of course my asshole husband isn't talking to me because i'm so like "of course he ends up in jail, it was only a matter of time", and i'm happy about it the kids a fucking waste of air that someone else could be breathing- yes i know that's his kid and what would u do or say to some one if they said that about my boys- i know i know but this is fun because as usual i'm ALWAYS RIGHT and this was a prediction that i made after the "rehab incident", but i digress i happy he got in trouble, it's ONLY the beginning, mark my words, and my husband can go straight to hell in a hand basket for all i care!- PEACE OUT GO USA!

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