Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I really just can't stand people!! At work we have gotten (i swear to GOD) the dumbest, craziest people EVER this week. We had a lady come in the office the other day with her 2 kids. She asked me if we could write an excuse for her sons school because he had a rash on his stomach and his school wouldn't let him come back to school without a note from a dr. I asked her if she knew that she was in a dental office and she said "yes, the school said a note from any kind of dr was ok". I swear on my children's lives that is true! Then yesterday this crazy frigin guy came in with a long beard asking if we took walk ins, of course we do cause Aspen will take any riff raff that comes into the office from the streets. He was talking and every couple of words he was making this noise, it sounded like Hannibal Lector when he was saying " i ate his liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti", ya know that sucking in noise. I swear to God i thought he was going to grab me, kill me, then cut me up and put me in a refrigerator. He was frigin crazy!!!! I seriously wish that it was legal and acceptable to PUNCH someone in the face! I'm not kidding i just want to punch people sometimes so bad when they are talking to me and they say something stupid i just want to wind up and punch someone right in the face. If i were President...

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