Monday, June 7, 2010

Robert Pattinson

I have no idea why i LOVE him sooooo much, i just do. Watching the MTV movie awards last night just made me LOVE him more. When Kristen won for best actress, he was sooo smiley and happy, u could just tell how much he loves her. I miss being looked at like that :( but oh well life goes on, he'll probably be screwing another broad next week but still he loves her and u can totally tell!! The little skits with Tom Cruise were pretty funny 2!! I can't tell u why i love a 24 yr old kid but i do- he's HOT and he loves his girlfriend. I suppose i just want to b adored and i'm not. Yeah he loves me but i want 2 b looked at like i'm adored not just cause he has 2 or just does. I just miss being adored.

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