Friday, April 30, 2010

back 2 reality

it's been a week and i miss being away on vacation! i gained like 7 lbs but ave already lost about 4 whatever!! the cruise was AWESOME!!! i loved it i didn't really feel the rocking at all just at night when i was washing my face and brushing my teeth. the movie channel that they had played new moon so i watched it 3 times and also watched couples retreat which was really funny!! i bought a "coach" purse in the bahamas it's awesome i love it and swam with stingrays (de-stung) it was awesome i held one and it felt like a pillow! i would definitely "cruise" again!! oh yeah i also showed the cruise director my boobs :) my sister made me we were playing an adults only game show and the "quest" was to show him your boobs for points to win a frigin NCL tote bag- we didn't win but who cares i'll never see these people again I HAD FUN you only live once right? it was awesome can't wait to do it again!!!
seacrest out!

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