Friday, April 16, 2010

it's been awhile

WOW i have not written anything in awhile but i've been busy with the kids and hockey and now baseball has started so i'm pretty busy. Countdown to the Cruise t minus 6 days and i'm out of here BITCHES!!! whoa who i can't frigin wait!!! i;m in the middle of bidding on a CHI flat iron in ebay right now i'm at 67.50 with 15 min left, hope i win!! another quick update i'm down 16 lbs on my diet!!! i still have ALOT 2 go but i'm getting there!!! i still look like crap in a bathing suit but hey i could look worse!!! every things pretty good around here and actually can't complain too much!!! well i guess that's all 4 now
HEY TRACEY i i couldn't be happier for you and Russ about the baby GIRL that u are having YEAH A GIRL 2 DRESS UP!!!!!!!!!!
Seacrest OUT

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  1. Woo hoo! 16 pounds is a lot! Just a warning that the food choices available to you on the cruise can be dangerous but you deserve it! I think one night I ate 14 rolls...

    Yes everyone is quite excited about the shopping opportunities this baby girl will's crazy exciting. I'm pretty sure her name is Sofia Carmen by the way...