Sunday, August 1, 2010

Decision Time

So i have decided that i don't want to be here anymore! Jeff is a DOUCHE BAG and my kids drive me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy that i don't want to be around them!!! I have decided that i will be getting a divorce and that i don't want custody of the kids, Jeff can have them. I have completely lost my mind, i can't concentrate on anything, i'm miserable ALL the time and all i want to do is SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM every second of the day. Sure i'll miss those two, mostly the big one, satan NOT SO MUCH. I'll see them on the weekends and during the week but i need to get out of the life that i am living CAUSE IT SUCKS- there are like 2 things in my life that i actually like, my FRIENDS and my FAMILY, meaning- mom, dad, sister, brother- that's it! MY LIFE SUCKS I HATE IT I WANT OUT OF IT! IF I HAD JUST ONE WISH, YOU WOULD THINK IT WOULD BE FOR ME TO BE WITH ROB OR TYLER, BUT NO IT WOULD BE TO GET A SECOND CHANCE AT MY MISERABLE LIFE CAUSE I WOULD DO THINGS ALOT DIFFERENTLY- REMEMBER WHEN I SAID I WAS NEVER HAVING KIDS WELL THIS TIME I WOULD ACTUALLY MEAN IT- AND JEFF WOULD NOT BE HERE EITHER- I WANT TO BE ALONE CAUSE I'M SOOOO UNHAPPY THAT I WOULD RATHER DIE THEN STAY IN THIS LIFE THAT I'M STUCK IN NOW! NEED TO GET AWAY FROM HERE AND MEET PEOPLE I DON'T DREAM ABOUT MURDERING! Cindy and Tracey- i'm not going to kill myself, i'm too selfish for that, but i dooooo hate my life and really do need to change it!